What To Expect?

The First session:

I want you to feel as at ease as you can  right from the start. I will answer any questions you may have about the counselling process and in your time you  can tell me what brings you to counselling and what you hope to gain from it. During this session we will agree how we want to work together and how long you might have in mind to attend.There will also be a  little bit of paperwork to complete.

Subsequent Sessions:

Sessions following this will be on a weekly basis with regular reviews to see how it is going. Reviews are really important to both you and me as they allow us to see whats helping, whats different but also what still feels important to explore. Each session will be guided by any issues or difficulties you  feel important to explore and that may have come up for you in the week.

Sometimes counselling can be a release, sometimes it can be challenging and hard. Most find that it helps them to get through difficult periods or come to terms with their experiences and identify some things that they can do to improve or change their way of living.  Clients often tell me how just being able to speak freely without judgement helps them to say what they need to say.

How long?

There is no set time that people attend counselling for. Sometimes people need just a few sessions to help them through something but others may need more support. We will talk about this in the first session and as we have regular reviews we will be able to see whats left to talk about and can plan a suitable ending that is right for us.