I realise how choosing who might offer the right connection and  support  to help you move through your difficulty can be tricky.

Below are some testimonials clients have offered – they have all given permission and been happy to provide these as they appreciate how important finding the right therapist is in being able to speak freely.

I hope you will find them useful.

I visited Christine twice for two blocks of counselling and found it such a worthwhile experience. I was in a place in my life where I felt ashamed and embarrassed about my past and had really low self-esteem. Through my sessions with Christine, my confidence started to come back and I felt I could open up and talk freely. There was no pressure to share anything that I didn’t feel comfortable with and we went at my pace. Although counselling is intense and hard-work, I found myself really looking forward to my sessions with Christine and the minutes passed so quickly! I would highly recommend Christine to anyone, particularly if you are going through a period of anxiety / low self-worth / relationship problems. Christine strikes a great balance between professional and being approachable, felt I could totally be myself. June 2018

“I first sought help from Christine a few years ago. This was a time when I was in a very bad place due to issues in a relationship. I was apprehensive about reaching out but I need not have been. Christine was so welcoming and compassionate about my situation and equipped me with the skills to help me see and listen to what was going on and to be able to move forward when I was at a point I felt particularly stuck. This experience with counselling instilled in me the need to stop and assess and to know when to ask for help. A few years later I returned when many significant life changes occurred in quick succession and Christine welcomed me once again and helped me through a particularly difficult time in my life. I have honestly learnt so much through counselling and that it is an ongoing process of supporting yourself and seeking support when needed. I would recommend counselling to anyone and in particular, Christine. The ability to combine her style of counselling; knowledge and professionalism, whilst creating a relaxed,friendly and calming environment, is second to none. Thank you, (again), Christine”. June 2018

“I went to see Christine for approx. 6 sessions and I cannot recommend her enough. There was absolutely no pressure on me to open up at all. It was all done at my own pace and the coping techniques I learnt have completely changed how I see myself as a person and have helped me cope with situations which previously, I would have avoided. I am so excited for the future now and that is all down to my time with Christine.” May 2018

“When I found Christine online, I thought I’d tried everything to make myself better. I was lost, confused, hurt, afraid and unsure of my purpose in life. Little did I know at the time that all that was about to change. Christine was very welcoming and provided me with someone to listen, understand and not judge what I’d been through or what I was going through. There were difficult times along the way personally which were all part of my specific process but I can wholeheartedly say that the sessions with Christine completely changed my life. 3 months on and I now find myself with a brand new lease of life, able to love myself for who I am and not how others judge me. Able to see life with shades of grey and understand that it’s not all black and white. Able to look at myself in the mirror and feel proud of myself that I took the steps necessary to turn my life around as it looked to be at the lower end of a downward spiral. I somehow managed to pull myself from the black hole, staring into the abyss and I couldn’t have done it without Christine’s support. I will forever be grateful to Christine and those sessions and I would wholeheartedly recommend her therapy to anyone who is suffering from Depression, Anxiety and issues with self esteem.” May 2018

“I contacted Christine as my head was all jumbled up with thoughts I couldn’t get rid of, or work out. Christine listened to me calmly and never rushed me or made me feel judged. I really felt I could make sense of my own troubling thoughts and Christines feedback opened my mind to other ways of thinking. I’d tried CBT elsewhere but my sessions with Christine were much better for me. I’d recommend Christine to anyone wondering if counselling is for you…you won’t be disappointed.” November 2017

“I arrived at counselling feeling overwhelmed and left with new insight and perspective on my life. I felt accepted, heard and valued consistently throughout the process. I would highly recommend Christine King Counselling. Christine’s empathy and understanding creates a real sense of trust and respect towards and throughout the process, this mattered when discussing issues such as sexuality, cancer and depression. I really cannot thank you enough for all your work and thought and compassion over the past months. It really took me by surprise the changes that occurred through the sessions. I have made peace with so much of my life, thanks to you, and it is a time in my life I will never forget!”  March 2017

“By the time we found Christine we had already been to 2 other counsellors. Christine’s approach was very different though. She didn’t sit and lecture us, but instead, was very understanding to what was going on within our marriage.”

“Christine was extremely professional at all times and made us feel at ease. She provided us with a very safe and comfortable environment and was non-judgemental. We now feel happy and secure within our relationship and we are looking forward to our future together! We would highly recommend Christine to any of our friends and family.” December 2016

“After overcoming a moderate eating disorder in 2012 during my time leaving school and beginning university, everyday was a challenge but slowly I re built my confidence and my life.”

“Now, 24 and working full time with my own adult life and responsibilities things began to go downhill and towards the end of last year old patterns and habits began to slowly creep back. I had adopted very destructive habits in terms of thoughts, eating and excessive exercise. I was running 7-10 miles nearly everyday on very little intake. For a while I shrugged it off as if it was normal but when it began to affect my mood, work and personal life I knew I needed to do something. I was grumpy, unapproachable and had began passing out during my working day. After a traumatic realisation that I needed help I went to the GP – a huge step I was never able to achieve in my past experience, and I was put on the waiting list for the community mental health team. This proved to be a very lengthy waiting list and after a few weeks my family and I decided I needed someone to talk to quickly. This is when I found Christine King at Southside Counselling.”

“I had never really explored my feelings previously and my last recovery was somewhat unexplained so going in to my first session was difficult. I had never really identified the trigger which had caused my bad habits to return so naturally I was very apprehensive about what I was going to say or how I was going to tell my story. Christine was so warming and welcoming and after my first few (tearful sessions) I began to explore my feelings. It soon became very apparent through Christine’s holistic and enabling approach that there were many more underlying thoughts contributing to what was happening to me. I have always been fairly self critiquing and with a background in competitive gymnastics and dance I was always aware of my body and people’s perceptions of me and Christine enabled me to explore this through various techniques and helped me to adopt ways to challenge negative and destructive thoughts. Her ability to make me feel safe and less vulnerable was something I never thought was possible and I was seeing progress every week.”

“After 9 weeks of sessions with Christine I now feel more able to control my feelings and feel confident in challenging destructive negativity that previously has lead me to a dark place. I am very grateful to her and her way of working and how it allowed me to explore my mind. It has made a huge impact to my life and whilst some days are still not easy I fear to think where I may be today if I hadn’t trusted in Christine. She has helped me understand myself and guided me in teaching myself everyday ways to keep me focussed and maintain a more health perception of myself. I am now embracing everyday and am continuing to work on a happier healthier me.” April 2017